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Welcome to Expert Roofing Cairns. We are the roofers you can trust with all of your roofing needs in the beautiful city of Cairns, QLD.

We have a vast list of services available related to roofing and guttering, and all of these services are available to both our residential home owner customers and those that own commercial businesses and properties. With such a list, there is no doubt that we have the service that is right for you.
Now, it’s possible you are unsure of which service you require. You might know something is wrong up there, but you aren’t sure of the extent of the problem, and you don’t really understand the difference between repairs, restorations and replacements.
That is ok. With our roofing contractors’ help, you can be sure of the right outcome. We will come to your property and inspect the situation and give you the best advice possible taking into consideration your roofing and guttering requirements, and your financial situation.
We service the Cairns city area and its surrounding suburbs. We look forward to working with you.

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About US

Cairns is a beautiful city. It’s no wonder people come to visit here and spend many of their holidays here.

Roofing and guttering are serious things. Roofs installed incorrectly can cause major damage, and gutters, which is so often overlooked, if it breaks down, can cause majorly expensive repair bills due to damaged foundations, walls and roofs. As such, it is our duty to ensure that the services we provide and the standards we live up to are at the highest levels. We look our city’s people, and we don’t want to let them down with shoddy work.
Expert Roofing Cairns offers services that are related to both roofing and guttering. Not only do we provide new roof and gutter installation services, we also repair and replace existing roofs and gutters, as well as restore roofs. We work with a variety of materials, not just tile and metal, and are able to work to your specific requirements.
We offer all of these service not only to home owners and owners of commercial businesses and properties. Perhaps your shop got hit by storm damage, and your roof needs a repair. Perhaps you’re building an apartment complex and you need new roofs and gutters. Maybe you are selling your house, and your current roof needs a bit of a makeover.
Whatever the specific requirement, call us.
If you don’t know exactly what you need, that’s fine. We begin our work always with an inspection of whatever you need done to ensure we are all on the right page. There might be times when what you thought might require a roof replacement may only require a few repairs. Conversely, what you thought was just a few leaks, might turn out to be more drastic and require a restoration. Regardless, we will work with you to ensure the right roofing and guttering solution to your needs.

Our Roofing Services

Roof Installation Cairns

roof installation Cairns

Roofs are the crowning showpiece of our homes and buildings. They have the practical responsibility of keeping us protected from the elements for years and decades to come, but also the make a bold declaration.
As the highest point of the house, the roof can be seen from furthest away. It should make a statement declaring ‘Here I am. This is my house!’
Our roof installation Cairns contractors are looking forward to helping you make your statement. We will work with a variety of materials, and want to partner with you in giving you the roof that you and your house deserve. Whether this is your first house, your first property, or one of many, the building of a new roof is always a momentous occasion.

Metal Roofing Cairns

metal roofing Cairns

Metal roofing is gaining in popularity during the last few years, particularly for home owners. Some of the benefits become pretty obvious when you read about them: they are far lighter than other materials, the metal roofs are far more water resistant than other types of material, they require very little maintenance, and they will last even decades longer than other roofs.
There’s probably a good chance that if you were to buy a metal roof, you won’t need a new roofer until our grandkids take over the business.
Metal isn’t the only type of roofing material we work with. If you still don’t know whether tile or any other type of roofing material is the best option for your home and financial situation, give us a call. We are eager to assist you.

Roof Repair Cairns

roof repair Cairns

Mighty rivers often begin with a small trickle. Avalanches often begin with small rocks. And the trouble with our roofs can often begin with the smallest of problems. A leak here. A chipped tile there. Perhaps moisture gets underneath, and rot begins.
Repairs usually relate to localized regions of damage. Perhaps a storm has knocked a tree branch into a section of tiles, maybe there are leaks, or there is some rust and corrosion.
What is important is to find these problems fast before they become bigger problems, and when you do find those problems, talk to us. Our roof repair Cairns contractors will look at your roof before committing to any course of action. If you don’t know whether your damaged roof is covered by the term ‘repair’ or a more drastic term like ‘restoration’ or ‘replacement’, give us a call and we will work through the problem with you.

Roof Restoration Cairns

roof restoration Cairns

Roof restorations are more drastic than repairs. Repairs put band aides on to your roof problems, and perhaps that’s all that is needed. But when it’s not, when the damage is more extensive than just a few localized spots, you may need a restoration.
Think of a restoration like full-on makeover for your roof. If any repairs are required, they are performed, the existing roofing material is removed and new roofing material is laid down and then painted. When done, your roof will look brand new.
Because restorations replace the roofing material, sometimes people don’t wait until their roofs are damaged extensive to have one performed. New roofing material is almost inevitably more technologically advanced than old building material. Restorations allow for more energy efficient, more durable, strong building material to replace their current aging material, giving the roof a brand new lease of life.
Whether you need a restoration due to severe damage, or want one for the benefits of new roofing material, call our roof restoration Cairns contractors to visually inspect your property and consult with you as to the best course of action.

Roof Replacement Cairns

roof replacement Cairns

roof replacement is the more expensive, more drastic option when compared to a restoration. A restoration will not change the underlying structure of the roof, and will leave it intact… a replacement may not. A replacement with remove the roof that is there and replace it for a new one.
Sometimes the damage may be so extensive that there is no hope a restoration can solve the problem; a new roof is required. But there also times when a person may decide it is in their best interests to have a roof replaced rather than restored.
This is particularly the case for metal roofs, but also the case for roofs that are old and getting close to their expiry date. A restoration can add a few years to a roof, but a replacement may add a few decades.
Call our roof replacement Cairns contractors; they will come to your property and inspect your roof and work with you to help you come to the best decision for you and your property.

Gutter Installation Cairns

gutter installation Cairns

New roofs, quite obviously, need new gutters, so while you are having your roofs installed, consider having new gutters installed. Not coincidentally, we also provide gutter installation services for both residential home owners and commercial property owners.
We will help you figure out what type of gutter works best for your home or property; that includes the type of material, the size of the gutter, its shape and even its colour.
So, call our gutter installation Cairns contractors today, and let’s work together to finding the best gutters for you.

Gutter Repair Cairns

gutter repair Cairns

Sometimes we only think of our gutters when something goes drastically wrong and then water is flowing all over the place and causing damage to our property and roof.
However, timely gutter maintenance can nip these major problems in the bud. Get in on the problem of broken gutters before the trickle of water becomes a mighty torrent.
Call our gutter repair Cairns contractors to fix your rusted, damaged gutters before they become worse problems.

Gutter Replacement Cairns

gutter replacement Cairns

Like roofs, sometimes a repair ‘band aid’ just isn’t enough and a gutter replacement is required.
Or sometimes you are having your roof restored and replaced, and your gutters need to be replaced too.
Or perhaps you’ve just decided that a different type of gutter would be a better suite for your house; a gutter of a different material type, a gutter that is more dependable, more durable.
Our gutter replacement Cairns contractors will check your gutters in an effort to determine the current situation, and whether repairs can fix the damage or whether the more drastic replacement is required. If, however, you decide to replace the gutter for other reasons, they will help you figuring out which gutter bests suits your needs.
So, call us. Our staff are looking forward to speaking with you.

The most important thing you can do for your roof is if you notice a problem, act on it. Leaks should be fixed before the problem grows. Broken tiles should be repaired immediately. Gutters should be repaired as quickly as possible after you notice something wrong.
Whatever the situation that requires you to have work done on your gutters and roof, we are the best option for working you through that process. Our contractors will make sure that we are on the same page with you regarding the requirements and needs that your guttering and roofing jobs necessitate.
Roofs should last for years, decades. And the best step you can take is talking to us at Expert Roofing Cairns.

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

What Are The Differences Between Roof Repair, Restoration and Replacement?

Out of that bunch, roof installation is the easiest one to describe. If your house, building or property is being built new, and has never before had a roof installed, than an installation is what you require.
The three other choices relate to pre-existing roofs. They specifically relate to the amount of work required to perform each type of work.
repair is for the little jobs, or at least the jobs that are localised to a small section of the roof. There might have been a recent storm and you notice some shingles or tiles in your yard, and a couple of branches have fallen and damaged some tiles. Such a situation might merely require a repair.
Often repairs relate to situations like leaks and shingle or tile damage, and are usually easy to find and fix.
However, should the repair be more substantial than just a localised damaged area, a restoration might be required. Think of a restoration like a full roof makeover. The bones of the roof remain, but everything you can see from the outside is changed. That include upgrading to a new roofing material. So, perhaps, instead of tiles, you might decide on metal roofing. Instead of black, you might decide on hot pink tiles. Or perhaps not, but the choice is yours.
Restorations don’t need to only occur when drastic damage has occurred. If your roof is old, you might decide that you want a different type of roofing material, which might be better at cooling down the house during the hot summers.
Restorations are more expensive than repairs, but replacements are more expensive than restorations, because the roof is first removed and then replaced from scratch with a new roof. This more drastic action is often necessary if the damage is more extensive than even a restoration can fix, such as something that might have compromised the underlying structure.
Another possibility though, is that the roof is old, and is nearing what would be considered the maximum duration of its effectiveness.  At this time, a person might either consider a restoration, which might add a few more years to the life of the roof, or a replacement which might add a few more decades.
If you don’t know which is the right option for you, you don’t have to worry. Call us, and we’ll come over and check things ourselves. We’ll make sure that you get the best outcome for your particular requirement and financial situation.

How Can I Tell Whether There's Something Wrong With My Roof, And That It Needs To Be Inspected?

Sometimes it’s easy to determine that you need to bring in some roofing experts. Perhaps there’s been a massive storm and much of your roof is lying across the neighbour’s yards. Clearly, you need some roofers, pronto.

But sometimes the things to watch out for sneak up on you. The problem might have occurred years ago, and it is only now that you’re noticing the more obvious signs there’s something wrong going on up there.

As with most things, problems are best caught early, so here’s some tips that you can follow to see whether you might need to have some check your roof. Some of these tips require someone to use a ladder. Please be careful about this, as ladders are inherently risky. If you don’t wish to take the risk, talk to us.

1)  You will need a ladder for the first few. For tips 1 to 3, we are checking out your shingles or tiles. Firstly, are there missing shingles or tiles? Are any cracked? Do you see any shingles that have curled? Unless your shingles and tiles are lying flat on your roof, moisture can seep in underneath, and do damage to the underlying structure.

2)  Still concentrating on shingles – do they look damp, dark or dirty? This might be an indication that there already is moisture trapped in and around the shingle.

3)  Lastly with the shingles, look in your gutters. When shingles begin wearing out they start release ‘granules’, which look like black, thick sand. This often ends up in the gutters.

4)  From shingles to your roof valleys. If you don’t know what they are, they occur when there are different slopes on your roof; the roof valley is the little ‘V’ section where the different slopes connect. Because this is where the water flows down to your gutters, check for rust and corrosion. These could eventually turn into leaks. You will also want to check the ceilings under these roof valleys for discolouration caused by moisture.

​5)  You will want to look for moss. These can occur in cracks between tiles and shingles and usually occurs in places that are often set in the shade. Moss is like a sponge; any moisture gets soaked up, and if that moisture gets underneath the shingles and tiles, you once again have potential problems for the underlying structure of your roof.

6)  You can put the ladder away for now, but climb the stairs to your top-most room, either the crawl space under the roof, or an attic, if you have one. A place where there is only the roof between you and the outdoor sky. When in this top-most room, do you see light pouring in through cracks in the ceiling? It doesn’t take much reasoning to figure out why this isn’t a good thing.

7)  Do you see stains on the ceilings of your top-most room? This is likely due to leaks coming in from the outside. Get them early and they can be repaired before they turn into something much worse.

​8)  And lastly for the top-most room, do you notice any sagging in the wooden rafters? This is again likely due to moisture leaks from outside affecting the wood.

​9)  There is still one more tip, but this one is easier. How old is your roof? Depending on the roofing material, roofs might last for 20 years or more (metal roofing would last a lot longer). If yours is at the end of its life cycle, even if you don’t notice anything else, you should probably get someone in to professionally inspect it.

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